Henry Weinhard "Fountain"

Portland 1887, and legendary brewer Henry Weinhard has just seen Skidmore Fountain, the inspiration for a bold new idea. A beer fountain! Back in Henry's day, the beer game was simple: craft good ingredients into quality products. Today, we swim in an ocean of great beer. Ultra hoppy IPAs. Stouts aged in whiskey barrels. Beers that force experts to debate what exactly defines beer. And while some breweries are focused on pushing boundaries, Weinhard's is serving up rock solid, uncomplicated beers that are textbook examples of their style. Weinhard's is all about making good beer easy - to try, share and eventually love. Agency - Jacobson/Rost Daily Planet Producer - Karen Kowalyshen Lead Animator - Jason Rohler Animators - Dan Moore, Tim Berthiaume, Chas Fries, Dan Tiffany, Rob Rossi, Jon Adler, Deborah Ranchero, Jin Jeon

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